I'm Back, Up and Running...so come and get the new link!

Dear Subscribers,
I noticed when I was updating my technorati feeds that when I moved my blog many subscribers dropped off. I am sure that in part , this is due to the fact that my posts had not been as regular as I would have liked BUT I am up and running now...so I hope you will come on back and visit. Remember to update your RSS reader to my new address I2dare2dream.blogspot.com... SEE YOU THERE! I look forward to our conversations.

URL Change

Well after 3 years I finally had a problem with spam. I also have been wanting to shorten my URL so I have taken this opportuity to make the change. It's not perfect because most of the obvious ones were taken but at least it is a little shorter.
Please set your feed to I2dare2dream.blogspot.com.

See you there!